Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Running Wild

Daily struggles to survive became the norm of this Mudtown and of course of the country which it is in Co. Shit & Stupid. There are still no system countries where politicians are not pop stars who entertain humanity by showing how low one can be, rather spokesmen of their stupid shit and making their own systems in each four year, which leads to have no proper services, or judicial system, or healthcare, or welfare, or universities... Still some how people manage to have a piece of brain, a few, but still counts, and it is refreshing to see some brain action in the land of brain dead.(yes, I have financial problems as anyone else.)

Anyway the point is, with great help the new ZekZin will be printed, even though it will be late a couple of more months. If you don't know the reason why is ZekZin created than here it is:
(This is stated at the first page of the zine, which features D.R.O.)
"Dear reader,
enjoy the rise of the rabbits.
One of the reasons for starting Zek Zin was the idea to encourage the authors from Subotica to start ( or continue ) to do their drawings. We plan to show one author per issue, and we are happy to present you our first formal issue featuring - D.R.O.
Thank you for all of your support and help of realization of this fanzine."

It is a difficult task. I am running wild, which this gif shows. On the wall it's written Running Wild.

Back to the point! Here is finally some good story by D.R.O. Who is the first enthusiastic contributor.(ok, the issue No.2, is not printed yet, but my guilt compels to post from the "first" issue, and the good start is to show the willing one.)

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