Friday, November 15, 2013


Additional information, as presumed here is mentioned a tv channel called pink. You know the color pink and its symbolical meaning, well here pink maybe means only pink female genitalia, except its movie channel. Who is talking?! I haven't stared at it for 10 year (except in Libya, had to see the news).
So there is no person who isn't familiar with the nonsense that is poured through tv into the blob, that supposed to be your mind. No mind, let's boogie.

-No!Not through seven seas, here in the near is the Republik Forestia, and the bombs of news are all around.

-          We must join to the Union of Forests and we are already sold.
-          No!We sell the forest to the industrial kingdom through seven mountens on the North, where are the tajga.
While in the kingdom of Anubis.
-          Everything goes according to the plan… My era is near. The stupid bears are going to doom everyone in their own name.

-          Ej, you’re late with your work.
On the ‘colorless chanal’ is the lotto of  wisdom.
-Who doesn’t apreasiate the little it has, it does not deserves the more.
On the net. KrisRisBlog

-Actually you Sir are guilty!FUJ!
This is the time of crisis and rabbity madness.

-Mother of bitch! I have nothing!
-Ej! Do you have beer?! I give you suger,baby!
- So thirsty.*the snale line

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