Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lucky me

As a Serbian citizen had criticized the upcoming elections. After freaking 2 years our dear president wants to go to pension, and of course everybody knows just another retard will replace him, but! the current prime minister who is a drunk, don't mind that, most of the politicians are the lowest of the low life's. The point, the the new wanna be prime minister is a total jerk, who bullies the other politicians. So he's name is Aleksandar Vučić, he shall not be allowed to become the new prime minister! NO!!! This arrogant megalomania would bring changes as in Russia or Ukrainian, or what ever fucked up hard core Eastern European block. We all know he lies, but this even believes he is almighty or even God himself.
So I did a reminder, that he is only a jerk.
Anyway this I did just for fun, and for a let's call it exhibition.
'Enjoy or die'


What is happening behind doors?
-Look what can I do!
While in (about) the parliament hypocrite talk.

Crackers has no end. (crackers which is in serbian 'keks' sounds like sex)
-There are not enough shoes...

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