Monday, May 19, 2014


Greetings to everyone who reads these.
Today finally I post the story about what I experienced about what radio is. Radio is dead in its conventional meaning that it had in the 60s America. What it ever gave to me was only noise and static. Noise in the meaning of preaching, agricultural news and 'traditional music', when ever I hear it my ears just bleed. Stripburger had this topic for its new book, and it was rejected yet they encouraged to keep on doing. Any way, I gave to another one this story to start up his little fanzine called Librarion, that should contain unconventional culture.
On personal update, as most probable many people feel, I need to make a decision about leaving this country. It offers me nothing. Here to have a job requires to lick ass, or just to be born as a VIP. Than again, the observation of the world tells, there is no place for human beings anymore. The regression of humanity has its fruit, long live the animal kingdom. If you doubt, just look at the latest discoveries, they are not discoveries rather reminders. The sulfur based bacteria was found before the news reported in 2012, as well as the higgs boson particle was found in the 60s, or what it most bugs me basically any latest news is just a copy of a copy of a copy. Sounds familiar?
Anyway, it is dark place where I find myself. I will post as soon as I can squeeze some laughter out.

Enjoy or die.

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