Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lick my proverbial Xmas balls

So the day came, when unable to reach the comfort and the angry swearing women of my home. What a surprise, I do miss my grandmother jelling to her daughter/ or my aunt 'Crawl back to your mother's fat vagina when you can not even do caramel right!' and such. It fills my heart with warmth just remembering the rich use of cures words and the smell of cookie.
This holiday special is... nothing. No Xmas themed card or drawing, nada.
Still here are some true Xmas films that one ought to see.


A grand Finn film. There are two short films and one regular. I recommend all of them, good fun.


An unseen pearl of obscure comedy. It is fun and educational, just like Santa from the film Santa's Slay(2005). 

Of course there is more where these came from, but enough for now.
'Enjoy or die.'

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