Monday, December 16, 2013


One day someone patted me on the back and said keep up the good job. My brain said, wow, I should make rot, destruction, demoralization, dehumanization, disgusting degradation again beautiful. This is the fruit of a happily drawn lowest of low-points that has been reached by so many and which is consciously repressed, behind the similes lyingly telling how should be everybody positive. Don't get me wrong, I am all for the problem solving positive view, and yet somehow besides so many good deed doers, this... this... This when casually walking on the streets a group of kids just startles you with -> 'Hey!Teacher!- I'm still casually walking not noticing them, I'm no teacher. And hearing it again 'Hey!You Teacher!'. So weird... this is how the new generation's threats sound like?! There are many things that can be heard on the street.
Anyhow I guess this happens when I get a pat, what if I get a kiss on the forehead?!
"Enjoy or Die."

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