Thursday, December 5, 2013


Zora is a girl's name, meaning Dawn. No one resembles this person, because both of this persons resemble bits of me. So, guys... I only draw myself.
Anyway... "Enjoy or Die."

Zora Zeka

On the field after cashing in the Russian damaged washing-machine, which can be easily taken by the extension cord, it is worth 13.000 dough. Excellent end of 73. building’s mission.
-Where do you find these useful junks?

-You know how is it… You have to seek for it… Bill of electricity, check. Bill of phone,check. Bill of water, check. Bill of trash.check. Food… shit… I have to shop.
While in the flat, the room-mate of Zora is in search for fun. Life is difficult when some one cannot leave the flat. After the morning rituals, she gathered her courage to peek in Zora’s room.
And in the center of the room she found an old colorless television, which of course had no remote control. Not knowing the danger, she turned on the apparatus.
-I can’t believe they exist! And it works too?!
-This was the wrong move!
Carrot and Fun! Can’t have the other without the one. New with carottin 2.

Zora in shopping, she bought herself everything for the week, already in trace for nuts for a half an hour, but she didn't even find a seed. Still no supply of hazelnut, while in-front anything and everything is sacrificed for the favorable price.
-What do I get if I offer the child for bread?!
-She won’t like this.
In the 360 squarer-meters container for the used junk, Zora hurried to the cashier. With fake documents about a fake sister, who is ‘working’ for the Maxx, and of course she is buying for her, which why she brought her (fake) ID card, she got 80% off (as the workers are paid by this matter).

More dead than living. Think about the future. Bare children.
If  you can’t beat them, join them.
-Yes,yes. We fight against corruption.

Street with many faces, which are angrily looking at Zora, Zora smiling. She has no remorse, nor regrets, she is on the government’s expansion.
Walking in the dead city is getting harder, even on the other side of the door waits for her the result of the biggest sound she heard.
-What has happened?
-The end.

-I had no other choice, it attacked me. It flagged words at me.
If man would have ever experience it, it would become a part of the history of media. I assume they would use words such as extraordinary, magnificent, for now they say blown up. They trust too much in this machine, and they forget that on the other side there are people... manipulating and lying.
- This is a lullaby, it helps to sleep by.

-It amuses me. 
-This exterior world is fallen behind with many decades... How is it possible that trading with death pays much more than with technology?!I will never leave this flat!
-Well, that's new..

-Are you hungry? I brought you something.
-NOOOO! Not again peanuts!
-Your welcome.

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